About us

Seva Calzados

Made in Spain wholesale footwear warehouse.

Over 45 years of extensive and proven experience in the footwear industry.

Our trade relationship with footwear firstly began in the 70’s with the opening of a leather footwear factory. Our first distribution depot was established in the 80's. Now we offer over 4,500 sq. ft distributed into two warehouses in Elche, a Spanish city with great shoemaking tradition. We are 16 workers at your disposal.


We are exclusive distributors of Comodo Sport, Mayfran, Desireé, Abril, Be cool, Ixart, Marttely Design, Chacal, Jhonny bulls, Cys, Milto, Ganxo, Avarca menorquina... We have over 60 suppliers and besides we manufacture ourselves.

Our philosophy

To give our customers the best value for money in national manufacturing, mainly using leather, and respecting the environment and the EC Regulations.

We have our own production line and a selected group of suppliers to meet the needs of our customers as far as fashion, quality and service are concerned.

One of our greatest advantages is our speed and flexibility in adjusting tochanging fashion trends.


Our products are targeted at shoe shops, footwear wholesalers, shopping centres, fashion shops, online shopping, and so on. Retail sales are strictly excluded (end customers).


Online shop. You can see our products and shop at our website, without having to visit our installations.

Free stock selection. Our customers can purchase the sizes that meet their needs, with no obligation to purchase a full batch of the same size.

Prompt order processing thanks to our large available stock (except for specific cases of unavailability).

Customer loyalty. We achieve a high degree of satisfaction in our sales.

Reduced shipment costs. We offer our customers our agreements with shipping companies, both internationally and nationally (including the Spanish Islands, Ceuta and Melilla). 24 hr. service (valid only for mainland Spain and Portugal).

Almacenes de Calzados Seva S.L.
Avda. de Novelda, 181
03206 Elche (Alicante)
Tel.: 965 434 680
Incidencia pedidos web: 966 661 619